Stern Fathers 'neath The Mould
Stern Fathers 'neath The Mould: The Lovecraft Family in Rochester
Richard D. Squires
1995 West Warwick, RI: Necronomicon Press


A study of the Lovecraft family in Rochester, New York, including H. P. Lovecraft and his immediate ancestors.


  1. Introduction, 5-7
  2. Mt. Hope, 8-9
  3. Joseph and Mary Lovecraft and the "Young Lion", 10-13
  4. The Family of John F. Lovecraft, 14-20
  5. The Family of William Lovecraft, 21-23
  6. The Family of Joseph Lovecraft, Jr., 24-29
  7. The Family of George Lovecraft, 30-33
  8. The Family of Aaron Lovecraft, 34-44
  9. The Family of Mary Lovecraft Brown, 45-46
  10. Afterword, 47-48
  11. Appendix A: Family Charts, 49-58
  12. Appendix B: Bibliography, 59-60

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