Selected Papers On Lovecraft
Selected Papers On Lovecraft
S. T. Joshi
1989 West Warwick, RI: Necronomicon Press


A collection of several of Joshi's essays and articles on H. P. Lovecraft from Crypt of Cthulhu.


  1. Introduction by Steven J. Mariconda, iii-v
  2. Author's Note, vi
  3. Lovecraft's Alien Civilizations: A Political Interpretation, 1-19
  4. The Structure of Lovecraft's Longer Narratives, 20-34
  5. Lovecraft's Other Planets, 35-44
  6. Lovecraft's Revisions: How Much of Them Did He Write, 45-58
  7. A Look At Lovecraft's Letters, 59-70
  8. Select Bibliography, 71-75

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