Rhode Island On Lovecraft
Rhode Island on Lovecraft
Donald M. Grant and Thomas P. Hadley (Eds.)
1945 Providence, RI: Grant-Hadley


Early collection of criticism and memoirs of H. P. Lovecraft by Rhode Islanders.


  1. Foreword by Donald M. Grant and Thomas P. Hadley, 1-2
  2. Lovecraft As A Poet by Winfield Townley Scott, 3-7
  3. Lovecraft and Benefit Street by Dorothy C. Walter, 8-13
  4. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Eddy) by Muriel Eddy, 14-22
  5. Miscellaneous Impressions of H.P.L. by Marian F. Barner, 23-24
  6. A Glimpse of H.P.L. by Mary V. Dana, 25-26

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