Mosig At Last: A Psychologist Looks At H. P. Lovecraft
Mosig At Last: A Psychologist Looks At H. P. Lovecraft
Yōzan Dirk W. Mosig
1997 West Warwick, RI: Necronomicon Press


A collection of Mosig's critical studies of H. P. Lovecraft, named after Willis Conover's Lovecraft at Last. Mosig was one of the important early critics to take Lovecraft studies seriously.


  1. Preface, 9
  2. Acknowledgements, 11
  3. The Great American Throw-Away, 13-19
  4. H. P. Lovecraft: Myth-Maker, 21-29
  5. The Prophet from Providence, 31-33
  6. Toward a Greater Appreciation of H. P. Lovecraft: The Analytical Approach, 35-41
  7. "The White Ship": A Psychological Odyssey, 43-47
  8. Poet of the Unconscious, 49-53
  9. The Four Faces of "The Outsider", 55-73
  10. Poe, Hawthorne, and Lovecraft: Variations on a Theme of Panic, 75-79
  11. Lovecraft: The Dissonance Factor in Imaginative Literature, 81-93
  12. Lovecraft, Buddhism, and Quantum Reality, 95-101
  13. Understanding Pain, Suffering, and Lovecraft at Last, 103-105
  14. Lovecraft and Sibelius: A Musical Note, 107-109
  15. Life After Lovecraft: Reminiscences of a Non-entity, 111-115
  16. Growing Up Lovecraft by Laila Briquet-Mosig, 117-119
  17. Tributes by Donald R. Burleson, Peter Cannon, S. T. Joshi, and Robert M. Price; 121-123
  18. Bibliography

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