Lovecraft Remembered
Lovecraft Remembered
Peter Cannon (Ed.)
1998 Sauk City, WI: Arkham House


A collection of many out of print memoirs and reminiscences of Lovecraft.


  1. Introduction by Peter Cannon, xi-xiv

I. Neighbors

  1. Neighbors by Peter Cannon, 3-5
  2. His Own Most Fantastic Creation: Howard Phillips Lovecraft by Winfield Townley Scott, 7-27
  3. Miscellaneous Impressions of H.P.L. by Marian F. Bonner, 28-29
  4. A Glimpse of H.P.L. by Mary V. Dana, 30-31
  5. Lovecraft's Sensitivity by August Derleth, 32-37
  6. Three Hours with H. P. Lovecraft by Dorothy C. Walter, 38-48
  7. The Gentleman from Angell Street by Muriel Eddy, 49-64
  8. Walks with H. P. Lovecraft by C. M. Eddy, Jr., 65-68
  9. Lovecraft, My Childhood Friend by Harold W. Munro, 69-72

II. Amateurs

  1. Amateurs by Peter Cannon, 73-77
  2. Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs by Andrew Francis Lockhart, 79-81
  3. Amateur Writings by Edith Miniter, 82-85
  4. Amateur Writings by George Julian Houtain, 86-89
  5. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Sage of Providence by Maurice W. Moe, 90-91
  6. A Tribute to the Past by Ira Cole, 92
  7. Idiosyncrasies of H.P.L. by E. A. Edkins, 93-96
  8. Ave Atque Vale! by Edward H. Cole, 97-105
  9. In Memoriam: Howard Phillips Lovecraft—Recollections, Appreciations, Estimates by W. Paul Cook, 106-156
  10. Discourse on H. P. Lovecraft by Rheinhart Kleiner, 157-163
  11. Memories of a Friendship by Alfred Galpin, 164-172
  12. Young Man Lovecraft by L. Sprague de Camp, 173-175


  1. KALEMS by Peter Cannon, 176-178
  2. A Few Memories by James F. Morton, 179-181
  3. Some Random Memories of H.P.L. by Frank Belknap Long, 182-187
  4. Bards and Bibliophiles by Rheinhart Kleiner, 188-194
  5. A Memoir of Lovecraft by Rheinhart Kleiner, 195-203
  6. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Loveman) by Samuel Loveman, 204-208
  7. Lovecraft as a Conversationalist by Samuel Loveman, 209-211
  8. The Normal Lovecraft by Wilfred B. Talman, 212-220
  9. Walkers in the City: George Willard Kirk and Howard Phillips Lovecraft in New York City, 1924-1926 by Mara Kirk Hart, 221-247

IV. Ladies

  1. Ladies by Peter Cannon, 248-249
  2. In Memoriam by Hazel Heald, 251
  3. Lovecraft as I Knew Him by Sonia H. Davis, 252-263
  4. H. P. Lovecraft: A Pupil's View by Zealia Bishop, 264-274
  5. Memories of Lovecraft: I by Sonia H. Davis, 275-276
  6. Memories of Lovecraft: II by Helen V. Sully, 277-278

V. Professionals

  1. Professionals by Peter Cannon, 279-281
  2. letter to Weird Tales by Robert Bloch, 283
  3. letter to Weird Tales by Clark Ashton Smith, 284
  4. A Tribute to Lovecraft by Robert W. Lowndes, 285-286
  5. The Genius of Lovecraft by Henry George Weiss (Francis Flagg), 287
  6. The Man Who Was Lovecraft by E. Hoffmann Price, 288-298
  7. My Correspondence with Lovecraft by Fritz Leiber, 299-302
  8. Lovecraft in Providence by Donald Wandrei, 303-317
  9. Out of the Ivory Tower by Robert Bloch, 318-323
  10. H.P.L.: A Reminiscence by H. Warner Munn, 324-338
  11. Recollections of H. P. Lovecraft by Vrest Orton, 339-346

VI. Fans

  1. Fans by Peter Cannon, 347-349
  2. The Barlow Journal by R. H. Barlow, 351-355
  3. The Wind That Is in the Grass: A Memoir of H. P. Lovecraft in Florida by R. H. Barlow, 356-363
  4. Lovecraft's First Book by William L. Crawford, 364-366
  5. H. P. Lovecraft: The House and the Shadows by J. Vernon Shea, 367-369
  6. Caverns Measureless to Man by Kenneth Streling, 371-384
  7. Autumn in Providence: Harry K. Brobst on Lovecraft by Will Murray, 385-395

VII. Critics

  1. Critics by Peter Cannon, 396-399
  2. A Note on Howard P. Lovecraft's Verse by Rheinhart Kleiner, 401-402
  3. Variety by Howard Wolf, 403-405
  4. letter to Weird Tales by Robert E. Howard, 406
  5. A Weird Writer Is in Our Midst by Vrest Orton, 407-409
  6. H. P. Lovecraft, Outsider by August Derleth, 410-413
  7. Lovecraft and Benefit Street by Dorothy C. Walter, 414-419
  8. H. P. Lovecraft: An Appreciation by T. O. Mabbott, 420-422
  9. Lovecraft and Science by Kenneth Sterling, 423-425
  10. H. P. Lovecraft by Vincent Starrett, 426-428
  11. The Lovecraft Legend by Vincent Starrett, 429-430
  12. A Parenthesis on Lovecraft as Poet by Winfield Townley Scott, 431-435
  13. The Lord of R'lyeh by Matthew H. Onderdonk, 436-447
  14. Charon—In Reverse, Or, H. P. Lovecraft Versus the 'Realists' of Fantasy by Matthew H. Onderdonk, 448-454
  15. A Literary Copernicus by Fritz Leiber, 455-466
  16. H. P. Lovecraft, An Evaluation by Joseph Payne Brennan, 467-471
  17. Through Hyperspace with Brown Jenkin: Lovecraft's Contribution to Speculative Fiction by Fritz Leiber, 472-483
  18. Epilogue: Lovecraft and Poe by Frank Belknap Long, 484-486

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