Klarkash-Ton And Monstro Ligriv
Klarkash-Ton And Monstro Ligriv
Gerry de la Ree (Ed.)
1974 Saddle River, NJ: Gerry de la Ree


Slim collection of previously unpublished poems and artwork from Clark Ashton Smith and Virgil Finlay, including their correspondence after the death of H. P. Lovecraft.


  1. Preface, Gerry de la Ree, 1-2
  2. Smith and Parents, 3
  3. Letters, 4-12
Letter From To Date
023-0213 Clark Ashton Smith Virgil Finlay 15-May-1937
023-0216 Clark Ashton Smith Virgil Finlay 13-Jun-1937
023-0219 Clark Ashton Smith Virgil Finlay 27-Sep-1937
  • Maenad, Virgil Finlay 13
  • So Deep A Dream, Virgil Finlay 14
  • Art, 15-18
  • The Ennuye, Clark Ashton Smith 19
  • February, Clark Ashton Smith 20
  • Temporarlity, Clark Ashton Smith 21
  • Spectral Life, Clark Ashton Smith 22
  • Psalm to the Desert, Clark Ashton Smith 23-24

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