H P Lovecraft A Comprehensive Bibliography
H. P. Lovecraft: A Comprehensive Bibliography
S. T. Joshi
2009 Tampa, FL: University of Tampa Press


Comprehensive bibliography of Lovecraft's writings, both in English and in translation, as well as works about Lovecraft. Includes known data about lost works, works edited by Lovecraft, book reviews, etc.


  1. Preface, vii-viii
  2. Introduction, ix-xvi
  3. Explanatory Notes, xvii-xx
  4. Works by Lovecraft in English, 3-196
  5. Works by Lovecraft in Translation, 197-346
  6. Works About Lovecraft, 347-598
  7. Indices, 599-680
  8. About the Author, 681
  9. About the Book, 682

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