Exiles and Fabrications
Exiles and Fabrications
Winfield Townley Scott
1961 Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company


A collection of Winfield Townley Scott's prose essays, including his two important early essays on Lovecraft.



  1. Preface, 10-16
  2. Newport and the Shifting Pattern, 17-24
  3. Something about// Snow Bound, 25-39
  4. Emily Dickinson and Samuel Bowles, 40-49
  5. His Own Most Fantastic Creation: Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 50-72
  6. A Parenthesis on Lovecraft as Poet, 73-77
  7. Our Town and the Golden Veil, 78-91
  8. Tarkington and the 1920s, 92-113
  9. Amy Lowell of Brookline, Mass., 114-123
  10. John Wheelwright and His Poetry, 124-141
  11. Portrait of a Free Man, 142-153
  12. To See Robinson, 154-169
  13. A Journal for Henry Beston, 170-182
  14. Hannibal and the Bones of Art, 183-191
  15. A Calendar of Santa Fe, 192-215

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