Lovecraft And The Tradition Of The Gentleman Narrator
Lovecraft And The Tradition Of The Gentleman Narrator
R. Boerem
An Epicure in the Terrible (1991)


Lovecraft analyzes Lovecraft's tales in the tradition of the "gentleman narrator," divided into three sections: I. Definition provides a definition of a gentleman (largely as a man of honor and manners, raised above service or trade, whatever his actual class); II. Six Writers from the Tradition identifies Edgar Allan Poe, J. Sheridan le Fanu, Arthur Machen, Robert W. Chambers, M. R. James, and Algernon Blackwood as six authors in this tradition (and also, not coincidentally, Lovecraft's precursors and immediate influences in weird fiction); III. Lovecraft's Gentleman Narrators examines examples of this trope in Lovecraft's fiction, touching as well on Lovecraft's early use of nobility and (presumably) inherited family wealth, as well as "acceptable" trades and education, among other commonalities.

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