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This wiki is intended as a reference tool for scholars of Weird Fiction, with a primary focus on the scholarship surrounding the life and art of H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, and other authors in the Lovecraft Circle. While there are several good general reference works available, with over eighty years of amateur and professional academic essays, articles, journals, and books it can be very difficult for scholars to keep track of who said what, and where they said it. The purpose of this wiki is not to replicate the information in these publications, but to serve as a map to help researchers trace citations and bibliographic references.

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Content is a bit sparse at the moment, but is being organized into the following overall categories for ease of navigation. If you know the title of the work you're looking for, you can try searching the site or looking in any of these index pages; the goal is that each article, letter, book, thesis, and so forth will eventually get its own specific content page, and the indicies will help you find where precisely they are.

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Additionally, each content page contains a number of tags to facilitate navigation. For example, to see every work printed in 1988 you would click the "1988" tag, to find all works authored or edited by S.T. Joshi you would click the "s.t.joshi" tag, and to see all letters written by H. P. Lovecraft you would click the "from:h.p.lovecraft" tag.

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Anyone interested in writing an essay or article on weird fiction, please consider reading An Open Letter on Studies in Weird Fiction, which looks at some of the common pitfalls for scholars of the weird.

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